Maleficent Costume

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Maleficent Costume

Mistress of All Evil - Maleficent - first appears in the 1959 Walt Disney film of Sleeping Beauty. Maleficent places a curse upon the infant Princess Aurora , after not being invited to her christening.
In the 2014 film " Maleficent " , she is portrayed in a more sympathetic way. Maleficent also serves as a recurring antagonist in the Kingdom Hearts video game series as well as the TV series " Once Upon a Time ".

Maleficent Costume

Women's Maleficent Costume
Deluxe Maleficent Halloween Costume - Womens Adult

Sleeping Beauty rests for 100 years but now it's your time to shine! If you would rather wreak havoc and transform into a dragon when you want to get around, perhaps you should consider this evil number! Our Womens Maleficent Halloween Costume is designed to create an evil queen of the wearer! This includes a full-length black tunic, with magenta accents and bright purple cuff details. The purple foam collar is even attached! It also comes with her huge foam black hood to add to the terrifying look! So don't fall asleep on this great Womens Maleficent Halloween Costume for your Halloween event!

Maleficent Adult Deluxe Costum - More Information
Womens Disney Maleficent Costume

Womens Disney Maleficent Costume

You could tell from the horns that this lady is particularly evil. Her menacing smile can be easily spotted through a flash of green frames. This Womens Disney Maleficent Costume is a sexy and seductive costume and will definitely turn you into one villainous vixen. Crows can't even help themselves and they'll land right on your hand!

  • Disney Maleficent Costume
  • Description:The Disney Maleficent 3 piece Adult Costume includes a sinister satin-trimmed velvet dress with a stay up collar, attached sheer cape, black neck piece and a horned headband. Does not include bird prop or shoes. This is an officially licensed Disney produ
  • Price: $100.33
  • Maleficent Costume
  • Description:Elegant black gown with purple stand-up collar and signature headpiece. Who's the fairest in the land
  • Price: $78.59
  • Maleficent- Disney Aurora Prestige Costume
  • Description:Waltz with your prince charming in this Maleficent- Disney Aurora Prestige Costume! The costume includes a bright pink full length dress with peplum, sequined long sleeves and matching sequin overskirt. The satin top is adorned with golden lace and pink g
  • Price: $60.95
  • Maleficent- Aurora Prestige Child Costume
  • Description:Your little girl can live out her fantasy this Halloween or any day by wearing this Maleficent- Aurora Prestige Child Costume! The costume includes a long sheer sleeve pink dress with golden details and trim, a large white collar and a character cameo. A
  • Price: $54.89
  • Maleficent Aurora Deluxe Coronation Gown Adult Costume
  • Description:The Aurora Deluxe Coronation Gown Adult Costume includes dress and wreath headpiece. Dress features back velcro closure. Does not include shoes. This is an officially licensed Disney product.
  • Price: $47.23
  • Descendants Maleficent Deluxe Adult Costume
  • Description:Look like Disney's beautiful villainess, Maleficent in this Descendants Maleficent Deluxe Adult Costume! The costume includes a black dress with colorful inset and stand up collar comes with a belt and character horn headpiece.
  • Price: $45.95
  • Maleficent Adult Deluxe Costume
  • Description:Look stunning as the mistress of evil in this Maleficent Adult Deluxe Costume! This costume includes a full length purple and black tunic with attached collar and a black foam headdress of horns. Have a wicked good time this Halloween in this bewitching c
  • Price: $39.05
  • Maleficent- Aurora Lame Deluxe Costume
  • Description:Your girl will enchant everyone this Halloween when she dresses up in this Maleficent- Aurora Lame Deluxe Costume! The costume includes a beautiful dress featuring an array of shimmery lame material, petticoat and tiara. Your girl can make her dream come
  • Price: $35.90
  • Maleficent Christening Deluxe Adult Costume
  • Description:This ensemble comes with the dress with detachable brooch as well as the character headpiece. Black dress features a high-low hem, sequin detailing and magical shoulders to make you look edgy and fierce. Back Velcro closure makes the fit of the dress look
  • Price: $34.16
  • Maleficent Deluxe Christening Black Gown Adult Costume
  • Description:Unleash your inner evil side when you dress up in this Maleficent Deluxe Christening Black Gown Adult Costume! This costume inspired by the 2014 movie starring Angelina Jolie includes a stunning black gown that features a u-neckline and a Gothic collar, w
  • Price: $33.89
  • Maleficent Black Gown Tween-Teen Deluxe Costume
  • Description:Your girl will stand out at any party when she wears this Maleficent Black Gown Tween-Teen Deluxe Costume! The costume includes a knee length black velvet dress with batwing hem. The dress features a high sculpted collar, black sequined lace bell sleeves
  • Price: $31.08
  • Maleficent Aurora Deluxe Girls Blue Dress Costume
  • Description:Transform your daughter into a beautiful princess with this Maleficent Aurora Deluxe Girls Blue Dress Costume! The costume includes a long light blue crushed velvet dress with attached belt and velcro back closure. The dress features long sleeves glitter
  • Price: $30.14
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